Posted by: TravelinGirl | July 9, 2008

Redbird Club at Busch Stadium

View from my seat in the Redbird Club

View from my seat in the Redbird Club

When shopping for Cardinal’s tickets there are a lot of choices.  You can spend as little as $16, or as much as $120 for a single ticket.  There isn’t really a bad seat in Busch Stadium , but if you can afford to spend $60 a ticket then the Redbird Club is worth trying.  The view is great, but the food and drink options are what makes it such a treat.  There isn’t just the usual ballpark menu of hot dogs and nachos.  You can choose from things such as brick oven pizzas, salads, or gourmet pretzels.  Those craving just good old fashioned ball park fare don’t worry…there are giant all-beef hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn to indulge in.  There are your familiar beer and soda choices on the drink side, as well as a full liquor bar for the patron wanting to mix it up.  Not ready to go out into the heat?  Enjoy your meal inside the roomy air-conditioned club.  There are plenty of nice tables to sit at with many T.V.’s so you won’t miss a thing on the field.  So go ahead and get some Redbird Club tickets to the next game.  You may not want to sit in the bleachers ever again.


  1. Excellent info!!! We were looking for tickets that had air for the kids, and these look like the best buy!! Thanks! Go Cards!!!

  2. Are these all inclusive tickets?

  3. Is this an all inclusive ticket price section?

  4. The Redbird Club isn’t an all-inclusive area. There are several different vendors to purchase food and drinks from. Most of all-inclusive areas have a limited buffet menu (hot dogs, brats, nachos, etc.). The Redbird Club just gives you a wider variety to choose from. I have sat in several of the all-inclusive areas as well. We really had a great time in Left Field Landing.

    The all-inclusive areas of the ballpark are:
    Champions Club
    Commissioner’s Box
    Bank of America Club
    Legends Club
    Coca-Cola Deck
    Coca-Cola Patio
    Powerade Bridge
    Homer’s Landing
    Left Field Landing

  5. I am having trouble trying to buy tickets in one of the all inclusive areas. I am trying to use the cardinals website to purchase my tickets. I want to surprise my husband with these tickets.
    I was thinking the left field landing, but when I try to buy the tickets, I am not sure which section is correct from the list.
    I need to stay around $90 a ticket, I would love to spend less, but that’s probably not reasonable.
    What do the ** mean after each location?
    The reason I am looking at all inclusive is the last time we went, my husband and I got a sandwhich and drink each and it was $40. I can make $40 go a long way at the grocery store, so I would rather pay a little extra for the tickets knowing that the cash we take with us will be used for surviours.

    Also, where is the best, cheapest place to park?

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